Divine Mercy Sunday Sunday, Apr 19 2009 


The devotion is practiced by praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet and Novena to the Divine Mercy, both of which may be prayed at any time, but especially at "The Hour of Great Mercy" — 3:00 PM, the hour our Lord died, and in conjunction with Divine Mercy Sunday.

On Divine Mercy Sunday, a plenary indulgence may be gained, under the usual conditions, if one

a) trusts in the Divine Mercy and reflects the Divine Mercy in his life

b) prays the Divine Mercy Novena from Good Friday to Divine Mercy Sunday

c) goes to Confession on Divine Mercy Sunday (or in the 7 days preceding)

d) venerates the image of the Divine Mercy on Divine Mercy Sunday

e) attends Mass and receives Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday

f)  is free from all attachment to sin, even a venial sin

This last is most difficult, but if it can't be fulfilled, a partial indulgence will be gained.


Laetare Sunday Sunday, Mar 22 2009 

Laetare Sunday 

Laetare Jerusalem: et conventum facite omnes qui diligitis eam: gaudete cum laetitia, qui in tristitia fuistis: ut exsultetis, et satiemini ab uberibus consolationis vestrae. (Psalm) Laetatus sum in his, quae dicta sunt mihi: in domum Domini ibimus. Gloria Patri.


Rejoice, O Jerusalem: and come together all you that love her: rejoice with joy, you that have been in sorrow: that you may exult, and be filled from the breasts of your consolation. (Psalm) I rejoiced at the things that were said to me: we shall go into the house of the Lord. Glory be to the Father.

"The fourth Sunday of Lent is rather unique; like the third Sunday of Advent ("Gaudete Sunday"), the fourth Sunday of Lent is a break in an otherwise penitential season. The vestments for this day will be rose, as they are on Gaudete Sunday in Advent, and flowers may adorn the Altar. This day is called "Laetare Sunday" (also "Rose Sunday" ), and takes its name from the opening words of the Mass, the Introit's "Laetare, Jerusalem.

Laetare Sunday is also known as "Mothering Sunday" because of the Epistle reading that speaks of how not the Jews, but those who come to Christ, regardless of their ancestry, are the inheritors of Abraham's promise." Fish Eaters

Solemnity of St. Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary Thursday, Mar 19 2009 

St Joseph

Litany of Saint Joseph

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Jesus, hear us.

God the Father of Heaven, (have mercy on us.)
God the Son, Redeemer of the world, (have mercy on us.)
God the Holy Spirit, (have mercy on us.)
Holy Trinity, One God, (have mercy on us.)

Holy Mary, pray for us!
St. Joseph, pray for us!
Renowned offspring of David, pray for us!
Light of Patriarchs, pray for us!
Spouse of the Mother of God, pray for us!
Chaste guardian of the Virgin, pray for us!
Foster father of the Son of God, pray for us!
Diligent protector of Christ, pray for us!
Head of the Holy Family, pray for us!
Joseph most just, pray for us!
Joseph most chaste, pray for us!
Joseph most prudent, pray for us!
Joseph most strong, pray for us!
Joseph most obedient, pray for us!
Joseph most faithful, pray for us!
Mirror of patience, pray for us!
Lover of poverty, pray for us!
Model of artisans, pray for us!
Glory of home life, pray for us!
Guardian of virgins, pray for us!
Pillar of families, pray for us!
Solace of the wretched, pray for us!
Hope of the sick, pray for us!
Patron of the dying, pray for us!
Terror of demons, pray for us!
Protector of Holy Church, pray for us!

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world, spare us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world, graciously hear us, O Lord.
Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world. Jesus, have mercy on us.

He made him the lord of his household. And prince over all his possessions.

Let us pray. God, Who, in Thine ineffable Providence didst vouchsafe to choose
blessed Joseph to be the Spouse of Thy most holy Mother; grant, we beseech
Thee, that we may be worthy to have him for our intercessor in Heaven whom,
on earth, we venearate as our protector. Who livest and reignest world without end. (Amen.)

Prayer to St. Joseph

To thee, O Blessed Joseph, we have recourse in our tribulations, and while imploring the aid of thy most holy Spouse, we confidently invoke thy patronage also. By that love which united thee to the Immaculate Virgin, Mother of God, and by the fatherly affection with which thou didst embrace the Infant Jesus, we humbly beseech thee graciously to regard the inheritance which Jesus Christ purchased with His Blood and to help us in our necessities, by thy powerful intercession.

Protect, O most provident Guardian of the Holy Family, the chosen children of Jesus Christ; ward off from us, O most loving Father, all taint of error and corruption; graciously assist us from Heaven, O most power protector, in our struggle with the powers of darkness; and as thou didst once rescue the Child Jesus from imminent peril to His life, so now defend the Holy Church of God from the snares of her enemies and from all adversity.

Shield each one of us with thy unceasing patronage that, imitating thy example and sported by thy aid, we may be enabled to live a good life, die a holy death, and secure everlasting happiness in Heaven. Amen.

Repost- 14 Stations of the Cross craft Saturday, Feb 21 2009 

I came up with this craft a few years ago and wanted to share it again this year. This 14 Stations of the Cross votive candle holder is very easy to make with your children and also inexpensive. The total cost was about $12.00.

I started with a piece of wood about 2 1/2 feet long and hot glued 14 glass votive candles on it.


Then I printed these black and white images of the 14 Stations of the Cross. The kids cut them and used a glue stick to paste them on the glass votives.


We light all 14 candles. After we read each station, we blow out a candle, and when we get to the last station, the room is dark and somber. It has made meditating on the stations very real to us.

For the little ones, I found these printable Stations of the Cross coloring pages.

This is a great chidren's book: The Story of the Cross: The Stations of the Cross for Children

Feast of the Holy Family Sunday, Dec 28 2008 


Celebrate this feast with great recipes from Catholic Cuisine

Prayer to the Holy Family

O most loving Jesus, Who by Thy sublime and beautiful virtues of humility, obedience, poverty, modesty, charity, patience and gentleness, and by the example of Thy domestic life, didst bless with peace and happiness the family Thou didst choose on earth, in Thy clemency look down upon this household, humbly prostrate before Thee and imploring Thy mercy. Remember that this family belongs to Thee; for to Thee we have in a special way dedicated and devoted ourselves. Look upon us in Thy loving kindness; preserve us from danger; give us help in time of need, and grant us the grace to persevere to the end in the imitation of Thy Holy Family; that having revered Thee and loved Thee faithfully on earth, we may bless and praise Thee eternally in heaven.

O Mary, most sweet Mother, to thy intercession we have recourse, knowing that thy Divine Son will hear thy prayers.

And do thou, O glorious Patriarch, St. Joseph, assist us by thy powerful mediation, and offer, by the hands of Mary, our prayers to Jesus. Amen.

Consecration to the Holy Family

O Jesus, our most loving Redeemer, Who having come to enlighten the world, with Your teaching and example, willed to pass the greater part of Your life in humility and subjection to Mary and Joseph in the poor home of Nazareth, thus sanctifying the Family that was to be an example for all Christian families, graciously receive our family as it dedicates and consecrates itself to You this day. Defend us, guard us and establish among us Your holy fear, true peace and concord in Christian love: in order that by conforming ourselves to the divine pattern of Your Family we may be able, all of us without exception, to attain to eternal happiness.

Mary, dear Mother of Jesus and Mother of us, by your kind intercession make this our humble offering acceptable in the sight of Jesus, and obtain for us His graces and blessings.

Saint Joseph, most holy Guardian of Jesus and Mary, assist us by your prayers in all our spiritual and temporal necessities; that we may be able to praise our divine Savior Jesus, together with Mary and you, for all eternity.

Our Father, Hail Mary and Gloria three times.

Blessing of Children

This blessing comes from the older Roman Ritual or Collectio Rituum from 1954.

V. Our help is in the name of the Lord. R. Who made heaven and earth.

V. Our God is full of mercy. R. The Lord has care for little ones.

V. O Lord hear my prayer. R. And let my cry come unto Thee.

V. The Lord be with you. R. And with your spirit.


O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God, Who, begotten in eternity, yet didst will to he born in time; Who dost love the innocence of childhood, and didst lovingly embrace and bless the little children who were brought to Thee: anticipate the needs of this child (these children) with Thy tender blessings, and grant that no evil may corrupt his (her, their) mind, but that advancing in age, in wisdom, and in grace, he (she, they) may live so as to please Thee always. Thou Who dost live and reign with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever.

R. Amen.

Then the priest sprinkles the child (children) with holy water, saying:

May the peace and the blessing of Almighty God, Father, Son + and Holy Spirit, descend upon you and remain forever.

R. Amen.

Our Lady of Guadalupe fiesta Friday, Dec 12 2008 

IMG_0438 Today we had our 7th annual Our Lady of Guadalupe fiesta with a few friends and our dear priest. (Here is a post I wrote from our party in 2006.) We started the day with Mass and then we all came over for lunch after wards. We had lots of Mexican food, but since it's Friday everything was meatless. I planned on making pina coladas and Mexican hot cocoa, but we are all so busy talking and eating that I forgot to make the drinks. I made rice and cheese and bean enchiladas, soft tacos, and we had lots chips and salsa. Adrianna made miniature strawberry cupcakes and put powdered sugar on them to make them look like roses. I also planned on making some Flan for dessert before Mass this morning, but the day got away from me. Here are a few pictures from today's beautiful celebration.

These are the enchiladas I made last night. They were so good! I made up my own recipe since the recipe I had called for meat. Here is the recipe:

1 can enchilada sauce
20 flour tortillas
2 cans of red kidney beans
2 cups cooked rice
2 cups shredded Mexican cheese
lots of garlic
1 cup heavy cream
4 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons flour

Make a white cheese sauce with the butter, flour, cream and cheese. Coat the bottom of a baking dish with some Enchilada sauce. Spoon rice, beand and cheese sauce on the tortillas. Roll them up and place seam side down. Pour the rest of the enchilada sauce and cheese sauce over the tortillas and bake at 350 for 30 minutes.


The cupcakes didn't last very long.


The kids played The Scrambled States of America game.


Our Lady of Guadalupe, Patroness of the America's, pray for us!

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Monday, Dec 8 2008 


Today the Church celebrates the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary. The doctrine of the Immaculate Conception means that Mary herself was immaculately conceived without original sin.

The idea is central to the belief in her absolute perfection and purity as the vessel of Christ's incarnation. She is the second Eve who will undo the trouble caused by the first one. She is part of God's plan for the redemption of humanity, and she was there from the beginning.

Here are a few ideas for an all white menu symbolizing the purity and the stainlessness of Mary's immaculate soul.

Breakfast: hash brown potatoes, Egg white omelet, white toast or English muffins, Cottage cheese

Snack time: White Cheez-Its, mozzarella cheese cubes, white grapes, macadamia nuts

Main Course: White rice, chicken breast with Alfredo sauce, tilapia, halibut, New England clam chowder, white pizza, noodles

Side dishes: Potato salad, Macaroni salad

Dessert: Rice pudding, Baked Pears with Custard Sauce, White Chocolate and Almond Pound Cake

Drinks: White grape juice, white tea, milk, white wine

This was our dinner tonight.


The Mary candle:

An especially appealing project for this Solemnity of Mary is to make a special candle. This candle can be made by attaching a picture or figure of the Infant Jesus to the base of a large pillar-type candle. You might carve a little niche for a tiny figure in the wax. The figure is then veiled (a piece of cloth fastened with pins) until Christmas Eve, when the veil is removed to reveal the Holy Child. On the Immaculate Conception, and every evening until Christmas Eve, have the children light "Mary's candle" when they say their prayers, and say the Hail Mary, or read with them her prayer, called the Magnificat (above).

Roses for Our Lady:

It would also be appropriate to have children place a rose before a picture or image of the Blessed Virgin Mary on this day.

Special Prayers to be prayed today:

The Angelus

Litany of Loreto

Ave Maria Stella

The Memorare

Salve Regina

Thou Art All Fair, O Mary

O Pure and Immaculate

O God, Who by the Immaculate Conception

Happy feast of St. Nicholas Saturday, Dec 6 2008 



The kids got chocolate coins, Glory Stories, goldfish crackers, beef jerky, bottles of hot sauce, razors for the older girls, tape measurers for the boys, socks, hot cocoa, and apple sauce. It's so much fun to see their faces 🙂

Countdown to Christmas with picture books Tuesday, Nov 25 2008 

This year I'm using Cheryl's idea to count down the Advent days until Christmas. There are 25 days in Advent this year, so instead of purchasing an Advent calendar, I'm the girls are wrapping up 25 Christmas books in purple wrap to read to the kids every day. I have been collecting a lot of these books through the years and this year I got a few from our library, most of which, Cay Gibson has in her Christmas Mosaic, An Illustrated Book Study for Advent and Christmas. The kids will take turns picking out a book and unwrapping it and as the pile of books goes down, Christmas will get closer. I have marked a few books to be read on appropriate days, otherwise, the kids will randomly pick the book of the day. Here is a list of the 25 books we will be reading starting on the first Sunday of Advent:

The Baker's Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale  - December 6th, feast of St. Nicholas

Saint Nicholas – December 6th, feast of St. Nicholas

The Lady of Guadalupe  - December 12th, feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

The Legend of the Poinsettia  December 19th, the 3rd O Antiphon "Radix Jesse"

The Night of Las Posadas  - December 24th, Christmas Eve

These books are featured in Christmas Mosaic:

Week 1

Cobweb Christmas: The Tradition of Tinsel  

The cobweb curtain : a Christmas story

Week 2

A Small Miracle  

The Christmas Candle  

Week 3

An Orange for Frankie  

Night Tree  

Week 4

Father and Son: A Nativity Story 

The Christmas Donkey  

Mortimer's Christmas Manger  

And here are more wonderful books to be enjoyed this Advent.

Country Angel Christmas   

Danny and the Kings 

The Gift of the Magi 

Country Angel Christmas  

The Clown of God  

Merry Christmas, Strega Nona

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey 

The Donkey's Dream  

The Legend of the Christmas Rose  

The Legend of the Candy Cane 

All for the Newborn Baby   

Who Is Coming to Our House?


St. Catherine of Alexandria, virgin and martyr Tuesday, Nov 25 2008 

Catherine alexandria 

Artist: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
Title: St Catherine of Alexandria

Today is a very special feast day in our family. St Catherine of Alexandria, one of the "Fourteen Holy Helpers," is the patron saint of many things, most importantly educators, schoolchildren, students, teachers and apologists. We have been formally homeschooling for 12 years, although we as parents start educating our children from birth. I will be invoking the help of this most powerful saint, especially during the most difficult days of homeschooling.

Prayer to St. Catherine of Alexandria:

Glorious St. Catherine, virgin and martyr, help me to imitate your love of purity.  Give me strength and courage in fighting off the temptations of the world and evil desires.  Help me to love God with my whole heart and serve Him faithfully.

O St. Catherine, through your glorious martyrdom for the love of Christ, help me to be loyal to my faith and my God as long as I live.  Amen

Here is a great idea for dinner tonight. 


Mini Wheels Pasta Salad.

1 (16-ounce) box Barilla Piccolini Mini Wheels

4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, divided use

2 cups frozen green peas

1 pound chicken breast, diced (optional)

5 to 6 slices (about 1 cup) of bacon, cut into strips

2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved

1 cup fresh mozzarella cheese, cubed (may substitute shredded)

2 tablespoons lemon juice

Salt to taste
  1. Cook pasta for 6 minutes; drain and drizzle with 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil and spread on a cookie sheet to cool.
  2. Boil green peas in salted water for five minutes, drain and cool.
  3. In a skillet over medium heat; cook chicken in remaining olive oil for 4 to 5 minutes or until cooked through, season with salt and pepper. Allow to cool.
  4. Cook bacon until crispy, drain fat.
  5. Combine all ingredients, let sit 30 minutes before serving.

Serves 4 to 6.

Recipe provided courtesy of Barilla.


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