The Mystery of the Cross Friday, Apr 10 2009 

"Good Friday is the day which invites us more than any other to 'enter into the thicket of the trials and pains…of the Son of God' and not only with the abstract consideration of the mind, but also with the practical disposition of the will to accept suffering voluntarily, in order to unite and assimilate ourselves to the Crucified. By suffering with Him, we shall understand His sufferings better and have a better comprehension of His love for us, for 'the purest suffering brings with it the most intimate and the purest understanding" and "no one feels more deeply in his heart of the Passion of Christ than one who has suffered something similar.' With these dispositions let us accompany our Lord during His last day on earth." <a Divine Intimacy

The Gift of Love Thursday, Apr 9 2009 

"Having loved his own…He loved them unto the end" (Jn 13, 1-15), and in those last intimate hours spent in their midst, He wished to wish to give them the greatest proof of His love. Those were hours of sweet intimacy, but also of most painful anguish. Judas had already set the rice of the infamous sale; Peter was about to deny his Master; all of them within a short time would abandon Him. The institution of the Eucharist appeared then as the answer of Jesus to the treachery of men, as the greatest gift of His infinite love in return for the blackest ingratitude." <a Divine Intimacy

The Man of Sorrows Wednesday, Apr 8 2009 

"Today's Mass contains two lessons from Isaiah which describe in a very impressive way the figure of Jesus, the Man of Sorrows. It is the suffering Christ who presents Himself to us, covered the shining purple of His Blood, wounded from head to food. 'Why then is Thy apparel red, and Thy garments like theirs that tread in the winepress? I have trodden the winepress alone, and of the Gentiles there is not a man with Me.' All alone Jesus trod the winepress of His Passion. Let us think of His agony in the Garden of Olives, where the vehemence of His grief covered all His members with a bloody sweat. Let us think of the moment when Pilate, after having Him scourged, brought Him before the mob, saying: 'Behold the Man!' Jesus stood there, His head crowned with thorns, His flesh lacerated by the whips; the brilliant red of His Blood mingled with the purple of His cloak, that cloak of derision with which the soldiers had clothed their mock king. Christ was offering Himself as a sacrifice for men, shedding His Blood for their salvation, and men were abandoning Him. 'I looked about and there was none to help; I sought, and there was none to give aid…" <a Divine Intimacy

The Meek Lamb Tuesday, Apr 7 2009 

"In the Epistle of today's Mass, Jeremias (11, 18-20) speaks to us as the suffering Saviour; "I was as a meek lamb that is carried to be a victim." This sentence expresses the attitude of Jesus toward the bitterness of His Passion. He knew every one of His sufferings in all their most concrete particulars; His heart had undergone them by anticipation, and the thought of them never left Him for an instant during the course of His life on earth. If the Passion, in its historical reality, took place less than twenty-four hours, in its spiritual reality it spanned His entire life…" <a Divine Intimacy

The Supper at Bethany Monday, Apr 6 2009 

"The Gospel for today (Jn 12, 1-9) tells us of this impressive scene: "Jesus therefore, six days before the Pasch, came to Bethany…and they made Him a supper there; and Martha served…. Mary, therefore, took a pound of ointment of right spikenard, of great price, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped His feet with her hair." Martha, as usual, was busy about many things. Mary, however, paid attention only to Jesus; to show respect to Him, it did not seem extravagant to her to pour over Him a whole vase of precious perfume. Some of those present murmured, "Why this waste? Could not the ointment have been sold… and the price given to the poor?" And they murmured against her (Mk 14, 4-5). Mary said nothing and made no excuses; completely absorbed in her adored Master, she continued her work of devotion and love…" <a Divine Intimacy

The Triumph of Jesus Sunday, Apr 5 2009 

"Holy Week begins with the description of the triumphant entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem on the Sunday before His Passion. Jesus, who had always been opposed to any public manifestation and who had fled when the people wanted to make Him their king, allows Himself to be borne in triumph today. Not until now, when He is about to die, does He submit to being publicly acclaimed as the Messiah, because by dying on the Cross, He will be in the most complete manner Messiah, Redeemer, King and Victor. He allows Himself to be recognized as King, but a King who will reign from the Cross, who will triumph and conquer by dying on the Cross. The same exultant crowd that acclaims Him today will curse Him in a few days and lead Him to Calvary; today's triumph will be the vivid prelude to tomorrow's Passion…" <a Divine Intimacy

Love of The Cross Saturday, Apr 4 2009 

"The Cross is suffering viewed in the supernatural light of faith as an instrument of salvation and sanctification, and therefore, as an instrument of love. Seen in this light, the Cross is worthy of love; it is the outstanding means of our sanctification. Our union with God cannot be accomplished except through suffering. st. John of the Cross has explained the means by which the soul is to be purified, scraped to the bottom in order to reach this life of divine union…" <a Divine Intimacy

The Seven Sorrows of Mary Friday, Apr 3 2009 

"We find in Simeon's prophesy the first explicit announcement of the part of the Blessed Virgin was to have in the Passion of Jesus: "Thy own soul a sword shall pierce" (Lk 2, 35). This prophesy was fulfilled on Calvary. "Yes, O Blessed Mother", says St. Bernard, "a sword has truly pierced your soul. It could penetrate your Son's flesh only by passing through your soul. And after Jesus had died, the cruel lance which opened His side did not reach His soul, but it did pierce yours. His soul was no longer in His soul, but yours could not be detached from it." This beautiful interpretation shows us how Mary, as a Mother, was intimately associated with her Son's Passion…" <a Divine Intimacy

The Daily Cross Wednesday, Apr 1 2009 

"It is often easier to accept, in a burst of generosity, the great sacrifices and sufferings of singular occurrence, than the little, insignificant sufferings, closely connected with our duty: sufferings which occur daily under the the same form, with the same intensity and insistence, among endless and unchanging circumstances. These may include physical ailments caused by poor health, economic restrictions, the fatigue attendant upon overwork or anxiety; they may be moral sufferings resulting from differences of opinion, clash of temperaments, or misunderstandings. Herein lies the genuine cross that Jesus offers us daily, inviting us to carry it after Him- an unpretentious cross, which does not require great heroism, but which does demand that we repeat our Fiat every day, meekly bowing our shoulders to carry its weight with generosity and love…" <a Divine Intimacy

Patience Tuesday, Mar 31 2009 

"Patience is the virtue which makes us accept for love of God, generously and peacefully, everything that is displeasing to our nature, without allowing ourselves to be depressed by the sadness which easily comes over us when we meet with disagreeable things.

Only by fixing our glance on Jesus, the divinely patient One, can we learn to practise patience. When we see Him who came into the world to save us, living from the first moment of His early existence in want, privation, and poverty, and later in the midst of misunderstanding and persecution; when we see Him become the object of the hatred of His own fellow citizens, calumniated, doomed to death, betrayed by friend, and tried and condemed as a malefactor, our souls are stirred: we realize that we cannot be his disciples unless we follow the same road…" <a Divine Intimacy

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