I love having a baby again! Sunday, Dec 7 2008 

  • I love her chubby little fingers, especially when she is pointing at the Stations of the Cross at church
  • I love her big blue eyes looking up at me when she nurses
  • I love the way she smiles when she hears her daddy's voice on the phone
  • I love her frizzy curls in the back of her head
  • I love the way she laughs when our 19 year old daughter gets on her hands and knees and chases her all over the house
  • I love to kiss the top of her head as she sits quietly while I read
  • I love to hear her sweet little voice when she says "Dada" as she stands by the gate waiting for her daddy to come up and see her
  • I love to rub her big fat tummy right after she nurses
  • I love to see her chubby little bottom as she runs away when I try to put on her diaper
  • I love her precious little baby feet and those tiny little toenails
  • I love holding her hand close to my heart when she's nursing
  • I love the way she smells right after her bath
  • I love  her soft little lips and I can't wait until she can learn how to give us kisses
  • I love the mess she makes right after I clean up all the books and puzzles
  • I love waking up in the middle of the night and seeing her curled up right next to me
  • I love to see her siblings hold her and see the love in their eyes when they look at her


Thank you, Lord, for the gift of our children. Please God, if it be Thy holy will, just one more.

Lovely Lady of La Leche, most loving mother of the Child Jesus, and my Mother, listen to my humble prayer. Your motherly heart knows my every wish, my every need. To you only, His spotless Virgin Mother, has your Divine Son given to understand the sentiments which fill my soul. Yours was the sacred privilege of being the Mother of the Saviour. Intercede with Him now, my loving Mother, that, in accordance with His will, I may become the mother of other children of our heavenly Father. This I ask, O Lady of La Leche, in the Name of your Divine Son, My Lord and Redeemer. Amen.

Our Maria is one!!! Sunday, Nov 2 2008 

I better write this down before I forget Sunday, Aug 31 2008 

Girls_2Yesterday the 3 girls spent the day at King’s Dominion, while I stayed home with the 4 little kids. They left the house at 9:00 am so they could be there by the time it opened. Sometime around 5:00 pm they started wondering if they should stay a little longer or leave then. They had planned on staying until 7:00 that night. While they were standing around talking about it, they saw a baby around the same age as Maria in a stroller playing with her hands and laughing. The baby looked a lot like our baby and right then one of the girls said, "Let’s go home. I miss the Mia. I want to play with her." They all agreed and decided to come home to be with the baby. I was so glad to hear this. I have had a very difficult week and this is just what I needed to hear.  Thank you, Lord, for these seven beautiful miracles with which we have been blessed!.

Off on her own for the very first time Wednesday, Aug 20 2008 

My baby girl got her license yesterday!


Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
to whom God’s love commits me here,
ever this day,
be at my side
to light and guard,
to rule and guide.

I needed this today Tuesday, May 13 2008 


Just in case anyone was wondering Saturday, May 3 2008 

what we did with some of the stimulus package money, here it is.



Seven Principles for Effective Discipline Saturday, Apr 5 2008 

My friend Robynn has written a wonderful post about Seven Principles for Effective Discipline on her blog Hold on to Your Catholic Kids based on Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s book Hold on to Your Kids. Here is the first principle, which is discussed in the book Raising Your Child Not by Force but by Love by Dr. Sidney Craig:

The first principle, according to Dr. Craig, is to avoid the use of disapproval, scolding, threats, etc. whenever it is reasonably possible to do so. A well-attached child is "punished" enough by sensing his parents’ disappointment in his actions. This is usually easily read in the child’s body language: drooped shoulders, downcast eyes, bowed head. This is the point at which Parent Effectiveness Training comes in very handy. Explaining to the child that 1) what he did, 2) made you/someone feel angry, worried, scared, etc. 3) because of a particular set of reasons, is usually enough to elicit the necessary feelings of remorse in the child to motivate him to change his behavior on his own.

You can read about the other principles on Hold on to Your Catholic Kids. The post is very insightful.

Woo Hoo!!! Monday, Mar 31 2008 

Another little blessing for a dear friend, Margaret. Please keep Margaret and her baby in your prayers.

O Lord Jesus Christ, through the intercession of Your tender Mother, Our Lady of La Leche, who bore You close to her heart during those long months before Your birth, I place my baby and myself entirely in Your Hands. Free me, I beseech You, from useless and consuming worry. Accept the sacrifice of my aches and pains, which I unite to Your sufferings on the Cross. Above all, most merciful and loving Jesus, protect this child You have given to me from all harm, bestowing the health and vigor every baby needs. Implant in my heart and on my lips the words and prayers of Your Mother and mine, our Lovely Lady of La Leche. All this I ask that my child and I may live to praise forever Your Holy Name. Amen.


This is a 3-D image of a 9 week old baby.

Beautiful words from our 14 year old daughter… Saturday, Mar 22 2008 

to our 4 month old baby girl.

"You’re a lucky baby. You have six older siblings and I only have one."


Wordless Wednesday Wednesday, Feb 13 2008 


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