"In any failure, fault, or personal error, our ego instinctively tries to excuse itself. It is the tactic of pride- which is not willing  to admit its mistakes and schemes- to hide them under more or less false pretexts, always finding some way to blame them on other people or on circumstances. Adam and Eve acted in this way after their sin; it is also the instinct of anyone who commits a fault. Herein lies great danger for the soul, because it is impossible for us to correct our faults if we are not willing to acknowledge them. It requiers great courage to tear down these ingenious but inconsistent constructions of self-love, to expose our failings and look them squarely in the face, just as they are, without blaming them on anyone but ourselves. "When we commit a fault," said St. Therese of the Child Jesus, "we must not attribute it to a physical cause, such a s illness or the weather, but we must attribute it to our own lack of perfection…Occasions do not make man weak, but they do show what he is…" Divine Intimacy