O Sacred Heart of Jesus, I present to Thee this day the dearest treasures I possess. I offer Thee the hearts of these tender little ones. Oh, make their hearts meek and humble Thine own. Remember that, while on earth, it was Thy delight to caress and embrace such as these. Placing Thy pure hands upon them, Thou didst say: "Let the children come to Me, and do not hinder them, for of such is the kingdom of God"; and "Their angels always behold the face of My Father in heaven." Look, I beseech, O Divine and loving Heart, upon the innocence of these children, and mercifully deign to bless them. Grant them sobriety, piety, and Thy holy fear. Grant them grace to grow up in the observance of Thy holy Commandments. Purify their hearts, sanctify their lives, adorn them with chastity, and crown them with good works. Bestow upon them prosperity, peace, safety, and a fervent charity. Preserve them from all dangers, and from the deceit of the devil. Defend them always with Thy powerful protection, and in the end conduct them safely to the joys of Paradise. Admit them now into the Sanctuary of Thy tender and loving Heart, both for time and for eternity. Sweetest Heart of Jesus, I claim them no longer as my own. They belong wholly to Thee. Do with them as Thou wilt. And may the blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost descend upon them and remain with them forever. Amen.