Charity is the essence of christian perfection, for charity alone has the power to unite man t o God, his last end. But for us poor, miserable creatures, whom God wishes to raise to union with Himself, is charity the ultimate basis of the spiritual life? No. There is something deeper still which is to speak, the basis of charity, and that is humility. Humility is to charity what the foundation is to a building. Digging the foundation is not building the house, yet it is the preliminary, indispensable work, the condition sine qua non. The deeper and firmer it is, the better the house will be and the greater assurance of stability it will have. Only the fool " built his house upon the sand"  with the inevitable consequence of seeing it crumble away very soon. The wise man, on the contrary, " built…upon a rock" (Mt 7,24-26) ; storms and winds might threaten, but his house was unshakable because its foundation was solid. Divine Intimacy