126_0002 This afternoon my 6 year old Angela was helping me make dinner. We she made rice, Salmon and French Onion soup. I made the rice in our rice cooker, I got the easy job, and Angela made the soup and Salmon. Of course, I sliced the onions, but she put all the ingredients in the pot and stirred to make sure it didn't get lumpy. She also flipped the fish until it was completely cooked on both sides.

I started getting anxious about not being able to help her make dinner. It's the controling nature in me. She wouldn't let me do anything. She kept saying, "No, I'm making dinner tonight." Finally, I asked her one last time if I could finish making the soup and she said to me, "No, you can't do it. You always burn stuff." Maybe this is why my kids like to "help" with dinner 🙂