Warning: the picture you're about to see at the end of the post is a little gross ;-)

Children # 4 and 5, no names to protect their privacy ; ) were rough housing in the house again and child #5 punched child #4 on the nose and caused quite a bit of bleeding. Of course, this happened while child #6 was throwing up, the baby was crying due to constipation and I was making dinner 2 hours late!

Now, why couldn't the injured child have at least thrown away the bloody toilet paper or rinsed off the sink and wiped off the wall and mirror? Better yet, he could have blown his bloody nose in the near by toilet, or move the toothbrushes out of the way. I'm certainly not going to use that toothbrush anymore. Boys will be boys. I'm learning a lot about this subject right now 🙂


Comments open for anyone who would like to give me some encouragement. LOL