I just started reading a great book called Boys Should Be Boys: 7 Secrets to Raising Healthy Sons. I decided to read it after Kolbe got a mouth injury while playing with a stick which had been made into an arrow and having 2 very expensive things broken in my house by the boys- unintentionally, of course. So far they have broken the Our Lady of Fatima statue on our altar and my digital camera. The boys like to record each other with my digital camera while acting out playsthey have written themselves and doing stunts. They're actually very funny and creative.

I bought them some rope because they wanted to practice making knots after reading about it in The Dangerous Book for Boys  and The Pocket Dangerous Book for Boys: Things to Do. They also wanted to learn to do tightrope walking. They took my camera outside to tape each other while "tightrope" walking under the deck and one of them dropped my camera. Of course, they came in right away and told me what happened. I was so proud of them, but not very happy about the camera. After those two mishaps I started wondering if I was letting them get away with too much. After all, "boys will be boys."

Ironically, the first paragraph in page 1 of Boys Should Be Boys starts out like this:

"I think of this book as sort of The Dangerous Book for Parents. The bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys was full of fun information and projects that boys love but that many of us have tried to deny them. Tree houses? Too dangerous. The boys might fall and break their arms. Insects and spiders? Yuck. And you want to teach them about hunting, how to make a bow and arrow, and great battles of history? Are you crazy?"

That's just too funny. As soon as I read that paragraph I laughed and thought to myself, "I'm going to love this book!" I haven't had a chance to read past the first page, but I'm really looking forward to learning what to do with all this energy and creativity with which the boys have been blessed.