IMG_1198 January 6th is the Traditional Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord. I look forward to this great feast day every year. Since I grew up in Puerto Rico and have wonderful memories of this holiday, I decided to continue the tradition of having the 3 Wise Men bring our children gifts, just as they brought the Child Jesus gifts 12 days after Christmas. The kids gather grass or hay and a bowl of water for the camels and put them under the tree, although we used to put the grass in boxes under our beds. In the morning of January 6th, they wake up to find gifts for each of them. Last year they got a huge basket of fruit- mangoes, peaches, pears, tangerines, apples, pineapples and oranges. They also got a hot cocoa machine and a box of hot cocoa for each child. In Puerto Rico, the big gifts are given today, instead of on Christmas morning. I can imagine the excitement the children are feeling right now as they wake up to find gifts under their beds. My family will be having a huge celebration today. I would love to leave the big gifts for today, but since this is not a holiday here, my husband usually works on this day, so he wouldn't be here to celebrate with us.

Here are the little kids this morning after seeing all the goodies they received for the 3 Wise Men. This year they got more than fruit. They also got a gigantic bucket of cheese balls, a box of theire favorite dry cereal for each of them, a bag of candy, toothbrushes, snack bags, ho-hos, hot chocolate syrup and Bernie and I got a package of coffee beans and a bottle of vanilla syrup 🙂