A dear friend gave me a copy of this article dated October 8, 2008 from LifeSiteNews.com titled “Modesty in the Culture of Shamelessness” and written by Michael O’Brien.  Below you’ll see a few lines from the article which is about 7 printed pages long.

“Christ calls us to stay awake and watch, maintaining a calm vigilance about the devil’s tactics, especially his particular interest in our children,  The temptations usually begin subtly with “small” compromises, but we should realize that the enemy’s purpose it to gradually ease us toward greater ones.  The massive pressures of an immoral society make it difficult for us to resist, because it is in our nature to want our children to be happy.  And the young can behave most unhappily when their desires to be in fashion with the times are resisted.  But we must take the long view.  God our Father wants our children to be happy eternally, and so we must keep their true happiness always before the eyes of our hearts.”