…but I'm making this for dinner tonight, so it's definately worth it. I usually make it about once a year around Thanksgiving because it takes an hour to prepare all three loaves. The pumpernickel dough smells so good right now. I can't wait to bake the bread. I'm so glad it makes 2 loaves of bread. We go through so much bread around here. My kids don't usually like Pumpernickel, but since it's braided into the bread they don't mind eating it. Luckily, the kids found a way to keep themselves busy and the baby just followed everyone around. She's too cute!

Angela is always my big helper in the kitchen. She loves to knead the dough.


Kolbe is making a fort in our Living room


and Joseph is carving a candle and some wood.


We haven't done any chores today. Fortunately, I made dinner in the crock pot, so at least I don't have to worry about that tonight.