Saturday afternoon I continued organizing the kitchen cabinets. The only ones left to organize are the cabinets with our dishes, the coffee and tea cabinet and the bills cabinet right above the computer desk. That one is going to take me a few hours to do, so I'm leaving that for another time. It's very overwhelming right now. I need to get a few folders and label them before I start with 3 years worth of paperwork. Here is what I did this weekend.

This is where I keep the cookbooks. I only kept 2 La Leche League cookbooks, a Rachel Ray cookbook which my kids gave me 2 years ago for my birthday and an Emeril cookbook which Bernie gave me for Christmas. I'm going to donate the 2 cookbooks on the right to our local thrift store. I couldn't bear to throw those away.


This is our spices cabinet. I don't have enough items to put on the top shelf. It's a good thing, since I'm so short.


There's not much left to stoe above the microwave oven- just a lonely little serving bowl.

Spices microwave

This is our medicine cabinet. This is where I really threw a lot of stuff away. We had way too many old vitamin bottles. This was probably the biggest improvement in the kitchen.


Oh, I still have not organized the cabinet where I keep the glasses and plates and also under the kitchen sink, which is where I keep all my stone baking sheets and serving platters. I also store the kitchen linens under there. I hope to finish this weekend.