That’s the name of the book I’m reading this week. My favorite part about the book so far is where he says, "The trash bag is your friend." I love going around the house with trash bags and throwing stuff away. Our house is not cluttered, but I’m not a very organized person, so there are things out of place. I like to have as much open space as possible, especially in the kitchen. I don’t keep much out on the kitchen counters because luckily, we have a lot of cabinets. On our largest counter space I keep my KitchenAid Stand Mixer and our Vita Mix. On the other counter by the sink I keep our coffee maker, coffee grinder and a kitchen tool caddy. The kitchen island is bare, which the kids sometimes use for school, and I have our antique pot rack above it. So this week I decided to go room-by-room amd organize all the cabinets and closets and throw or give away as much as possible. I try to go to the thrift store once a month to drop off extra clothing that doesn’t fit the kids. I don’t keep the clothes that don’t fit. I give them away and we always get blessed with more. Here is what Marygrace and I did in the kitchen today.

This cabinet has all our storage bowls, salad bowl and large mixing bowls.


This cabinet is under the kitchen island. It has all our small kitchen appliances.


This cabinet next to the stove has our bakeware, although I have our stone baking sheets under the kitchen sink.


We also have a lazy susan, but the hinge is broken, so we keep it empty. Tomorrow I’m going to try and tackle the upper kitchen cabinets and under the kitchen sink. This was exausting, but it was worth it! Now I’m going to have a cup of tea and relax with the kids.