We have had a very exhausting week. Last week the van’s alternator broke, but since it was still under warranty it did not cost us anything. God bless our wonderful mechanic! Tuesday morning as soon as I turned on the computer I saw the dreaded "blue screen of death." After running a diagnostics scan, it confirmed that the hard drive had crashed. We had just added more memory and a new DVD burner about 2 months ago, so we decided to get a new hard drive as soon as we got a chance.

On Saturday I took the three older girls out on a date to the thrift store and then out to lunch, but when I tried to start the car, it wouldn’t turn on. My friend Robynn had just left the restaurant, so I called her on her cell phone and she came back and jump started the car a few minutes later. Since I was already in town, I decided to go to Staples to get a new hard drive. My husband rebuilt the computer and it worked absolutely perfect. It was just like having a brand new computer. As soon as I moved it back to the computer desk in the kitchen, the mother board failed. The computer is now a total loss.

On Sunday while cleaning out the pantry I decided to make the kids Peanut Butter cookies. Marygrace was taking out a batch of cookies out of the oven, but when she opened the oven door the handle broke off and the glass fell on her foot. Luckily, the glass didn’t break, but her foot hurt for a little while. We ended up ordering a new stove since the glass top has a crack in the corner anyway. I’m not able to use our oven, but the new stove should arrive next week. I’m going to miss our pumpkin bread this week.

This morning Adrianna had to go to college for an early class, but the car would not start, so my husband jump started it again. Around 7:30 this morning she called and said the car broke down at an intersection 20 minutes from home. Luckily, it was down the street from a gas station and 2 guys from Direct TV and another one on a motorcycle came over and asked her if she needed help. One of them directed traffic and the other two tried jump starting the car, when that didn’t work, they pushed it up the hill to the gas station. I got there a while later later and took her to school. We had it towed away back to our regular mechanic and he had the battery post replaced in about half an hour.

Also, just as I was getting ready to go pick up Adrianna, my mom called to tell me she had gotten very sick with the flu in the middle of the night and I had to come get our two middle girls, who had just spent the night at her house. By the time I got back from taking Adrianna to school and taking the little kids out to breakfast, I was starting to feel like someone had just punched me in the stomach. I’m hoping it was just from exhaustion. I’m praying the girls stay healthy as well. With ten people in the house, it takes a long time to get through an illness. I hope my mom recovers quickly. Now I’m going to pick up the car and hope the rest of the week is a little more relaxing.

On a happy note, tomorrow is our 20th wedding anniversary!