1. When was St. Margaret Mary born?  July 22, 1647

2. Where was she born? Burgundy, France

3. How old was she when her father died? She was 8 years old.

4. What happened when her father died?  An aunt moved in to their home.

5. How were Margaret Mary and her mother treated by her aunt?  They were made to suffer very much.

6. How did Margaret Mary handle the suffering?  She would hide in her garden to cry and pray.

7. What else did St. Margaret Mary do in her garden?  She would bring beggar children into the garden to try to teach them

8. What happened when she was 11?  She became very sick.

9. How long did her illness last?  Her illness lasted 4 years.

10. What happened while she was ill? She developed a devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and decided to enter a convent.

11. What order did she join? The Order of the Visitation.

12. What happened while she lived in the convent? Our Lord began appearing to her.

13. What revelations did she receive? She received revelations of the Sacred Heart.

14. When did she die? October 17, 1690

15. Of what is she the patron saint? She is the patron saint against polio, devotees of the Sacred Heart, loss of parents, and polio patients.