…on our last day of the novena for a very special intention.

Btherese_3For the past few weeks I have been reading Little Théresè to the kids as our morning read aloud. This morning I asked them to come into my bedroom to read the book while I put the baby to bed. When I walked in I noticed a card on the floor my dear friend Kristen had given me when our Little Maria Therese-Rose was born last year. I had it stored away in a drawer, but the boys must have dropped it and left it there when they were looking for my camera. I picked up the card and when I opened it, a beautiful holy card of St. Théresè with an angel dropping roses at her feet fell right in front of me. All I could do was smile and think about how funny St. Théresè is. She’s done this before, you know 😉

"I will let fall from Heaven…A Shower of Roses"
-St. Théresè of the Little Flower