6:30 Mom- Rosary, Little Office of the BVM

7:00 Kids- Wake-up, 15 minutes spiritual reading alone- The Imitation Of Christ

7:30 Everyone- Breakfast and chores

8:00 Everyone- Rosary, Spiritual read aloud- Purgatory: Explained by the Lives and Legends of the Saints

8:45 Marygrace- Math

       Cecilia- Science

       Joseph and Kolbe- Spelling and copywork

       Mom- 100 Easy Lessons with Angela

9:15 Cecilia- Spelling and copywork

        Mom- Math with Joseph and Kolbe

        Angela- Spelling and copywork

9:45 Marygrace- History

        Mom- Bible History with Cecilia, Joseph and Kolbe

        Angela- Art

10:15 Everyone- Snack and chores

10:30 Marygrace- Religion

         Cecilia- Math

         Kolbe and Joseph- History

         Mom- Math with Angela

11:00 Marygrace- Science

         Mom- Intermediate Language Lessons with Joseph and Kolbe

         Angela- Quiet time

11:30 Marygrace- Warriner’s 3rd Course

         Mom- Catechism with Cecilia, Joseph, Kolbe and Angela

12:00 Everyone- Lunch and chores

12:30 Marygrace- Reading

         Cecilia- Lingua Mater with Mom

         Joseph and Kolbe- Reading

         Angela- Reading

1:00 Cecilia- History

1:30- Everyone- Nature Study, Poetry, Music or Art          

2:00 Go over lessons for the day

2:30 Catholic Mosaic

3:00 Everyone- Divine Mercy Chaplet, Tea time

       Fall- Apple cider

       Winter- Hot Cocoa

       Spring- Tea

       Summer- Lemonade