Someone recently asked me what my house looked like on most days. For the most part it’s pretty clean, although not having a dishwasher makes keeping the kitchen clean a little more difficult. We don’t have much grass, so the hardwood floors in the hall way, living room and dining room learning room need to be mopped often. We also have over 100 library books in the family room, so there are books everywhere! My mom usually comes over on the week-ends and catches up on laundry and the kitchen. I am so blessed!

     There are a few chores we do everyday. The beds get made every morning before the kids come downstairs for breakfast, Kolbe takes out the trash, Joseph unloads the dish rack, and the three girls switch chores every two weeks. On week one the oldest girl does dishes, cleans the eating tables and island, the second oldest vacuums and sweeps the kitchen and sun room, and the third oldest does laundry. I usually end up putting all the laundry away in the evenings, I wash all the pots and pans and I mop the floors at least once a week. I need to add the bathrooms to our daily chores. I end up cleaning the bathrooms on Saturdays.

     Here is what the kitchen and sun room look like just before dinner. I didn’t clean up before taking the pictures. The dish rack needs to be emptied, the left side of the sink is full of storage bowls, dinner is in the oven and I’m boiling water for my husband’s tea and a few things need to be put away. There are brownies on the island and we are about to make smoothies in our vita-mix. I have a few diapers drying in the sun room and the trash needs to be taken out, but it has been a beautiful day, so the kids have been playing outside all afternoon.

Kitchen_2   Sunroom

Sometime next week I’ll try to post pictures of what the family room and living room look like before dinner.