Ever since I read Elizabeth’s post on Laundry, Linens and Love, I have been very excited to implement the same ideas in my home. I also love clean sheet night. I always have. It cheers me up when I’ve had a difficult day. Right after I read the post one night after the baby fell asleep, I went to my linen closet and emptied it out, got rid of all the extra curtains and table cloths I had from our previous home, and that was the beginning of a major project. I found "Home Comforts" at the library, and I have gotten many great tips from it. It has many different chapters, from food to cleanliness to daily habits. My oldest daughter read some of it, and asked me to get her a copy for when she is out on her own. I loved the book so much that I ended up buying it this morning. The only part I didn’t agree with is what she said about the family bed.

      Right now I am focusing on the sleep chapter. There is so much in this chapter that I never knew about. I’m happy to say that as far as furnishings in the bedroom, we have very little of it. We have a king size bed, which is very helpful with the family bed. We also have a dresser, a chair, a TV for watching videos at night, and my nightstand.

Curtains_bedMy husband likes to keep the room dark when he is home, but I like it open and bright. I usually open the blinds just before I come downstairs for the day. The author of  "Home Comforts" suggests opening your windows in the morning, if possible, to let air in and bring in fresh oxygen. You should also pull your bed covers down for at least an hour to keep the bed smelling fresh until you change the sheets.

      She writes about the daily, weekly and monthly bedroom care. For the daily care, you should open the windows, air out your bed, and put your laundry away. I think laundry would be much easier to keep up with if I put it away before coming to bed at night. I usually do laundry in the morning since my laundry room is upstairs, but I get side-tracked when I come downstairs and forget all about it.

      For the weekly care, She suggests vacuuming the floors, blinds and mattresses. We always vacuum the upstairs at least once a week, but it never occurred to me to vacuum the blinds and mattresses as well. Since the sheets should be washed and changed at least once a week, this would be a good time to vacuum the mattresses.

      The monthly care of bedrooms will add a little more work to your laundry routine. You should wash your pillow covers, mattress covers and comforters. With four bedrooms in our house, I think I will do one bedroom per week.

      I wasn’t sure how many sheets and pillow cases would be enough, but after reading "Home Comforts" I learned that three sets of sheets per bed is enough. You’ll be using one set, one will be in the wash and the extra one will be kept in the linen closet. You should have two comforters for every bed. All the kids have two comforters each, but we only have one. Before we moved I got rid of all the extra ones. I find I only need one, since I can wash it and dry it and have it back on the bed the same day. I just leave the beds unmade airing out on this day.