For the past few weeks we’ve been doing lots of de-cluttering in the kids’ bedrooms. So far, we cleaned out the boys’ and the girls’ rooms. We also bought them each new mattresses. Yesterday we went to Target and bought new bedding for all the beds. We’re doing a complete make-over in both bedrooms. The girls helped me with the spackling, sanding, taping and priming the room. We did all the prep work on Wednesday and on Thursday we finally painted the room. We wanted to have it ready for the Friday morning mattress delivery. Adrianna also painted her room this week, but we haven’t bought her new bedding yet. Next month we’re going to paint the boys’ room. Unfortunately, we can’t seem to agree on the color. Right now they have "Behr’s Winter Wheat," but they want to paint their room red. I don’t think we’re going to do that.

This is what we did this week in the girls’ room this week.

Ceci_sanding  Girls_spakling 

Mami_prepping  Mg_taping_2

The result…