I’m going to attempt a new project this month. I am going to make an apron. My goal is to have it finished by May 14th, which is Wear an Apron Day. I am such a messy cook, and lately I have been ruining my shirts every time I’m in the kitchen, so it is time I start wearing an apron. I have really been wanting to make one for quite a while now, especially after reading Elizabeth’s "Wear an Apron Day" post. I am almost done with the handmade brown scapulars, so I thought I would buy an apron pattern and some material and get started on it as soon as the scapulars are finished. I’m hoping this apron won’t be too difficult to make. I really wanted to get a vintage pattern, but I wasn’t able to find one that was an "easy" pattern, so I purchased this Easy stitch ‘n save pattern form McCall’s. It looked almost like the vintage ones at the craft store. I’m actually going to leave out the ruffles, because I don’t like them very much.

      Here is a picture of the pattern and the material I’m going to be using. It should go well with all the roosters in my kitchen. I hope the material is not too overwhelming. I just couldn’t find any flower print I liked. We’ll see how this turns out. I might have to get some different material after all.

M5358  Img_1661