My friend Robynn has written a wonderful post about Seven Principles for Effective Discipline on her blog Hold on to Your Catholic Kids based on Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s book Hold on to Your Kids. Here is the first principle, which is discussed in the book Raising Your Child Not by Force but by Love by Dr. Sidney Craig:

The first principle, according to Dr. Craig, is to avoid the use of disapproval, scolding, threats, etc. whenever it is reasonably possible to do so. A well-attached child is "punished" enough by sensing his parents’ disappointment in his actions. This is usually easily read in the child’s body language: drooped shoulders, downcast eyes, bowed head. This is the point at which Parent Effectiveness Training comes in very handy. Explaining to the child that 1) what he did, 2) made you/someone feel angry, worried, scared, etc. 3) because of a particular set of reasons, is usually enough to elicit the necessary feelings of remorse in the child to motivate him to change his behavior on his own.

You can read about the other principles on Hold on to Your Catholic Kids. The post is very insightful.