Last week while I was at Costco, I saw the Planet Earth – The Complete BBC Series DVD’s on sale and I just couldn’t resist buying them. We first saw these on t.v. last year when we had cable for a few months. It became one of our favorite weekly rituals with the kids. They really loved this show and learned a lot from them. So when I came across them, I knew I had to get them. I was a little hesitant about the cost, but I considered this part of our "educational budget."

Every Friday and Saturday night after prayers, we have a family movie night in our bedroom. Now that we have these DVD’s, we’ll be watching them instead of movies. The kids camp out in our room and we watch a full episode, usually about an hour long. So far, their favorite has been the "Caves" episode. Here is a review of this episode:

"Into the Abyss" showing the rigors of filming the planet’s most spectacular caves, including the last filming ever officially permitted in the "Chandelier Ballroom," a crystal-encrusted cavern found over a mile deep in New Mexico’s treacherous Lechuguilla, the deepest cave in the continental United States."

This weekend we watched the "Ocean Deep" episode. I like this one a lot better than the "caves" because it’s not as gross. If you’ve seen it, you’ll know what I mean ; ) Angela seems to have liked this one as well. Today, while on our way to a friend’s house for brunch, she drew a picture of a Great White Shark and some sea creatures around it. Our kids usually take some paper and art supplies with them whenever we go out. It makes for a cluttered van, but I’m so glad Angela did. I was so impressed with the detail, especially since she’s only 5 years old. That shark looks pretty angry. Here is her "Ocean Deep" drawing: