"The Blessed Virgin never fails to protect me as soon as I invoke her. In my troubles and anxieties, I very quickly turn towards her and, like the most tender of mothers, she always takes care of my interests." St. Thérèse

Kissingfacegod_2Today as usual, Our Blessed Mother took care of our children when I was not able to do so. That is one of my prayers to her every day. I pray that she take care of them when I’m not able and to provide for what I’m lacking.

This morning, after dropping our oldest daughter off at work, the kids and I went on our usual bi-monthly trip to Costco. This usually takes a few hours since the nearest location is about 20 miles away. We had lunch there and by the time we came home it was early afternoon, so after putting all the groceries away, we went for a walk around the block. We didn’t make it too far, because the kids wanted to stop by our neighbor’s house down the street to say hello. We all came in and were about to have a cup of tea when the baby started getting very upset. I tried to nurse her and comfort her, but nothing I did seemed to work. I remembered how upset she got two weeks ago when I went out for a few hours in the morning, so I decided to take her home. She’s a homebody, just like me : )

As soon as we walked in she calmed down right away. I went to upstairs and got in bed with her and she became very peaceful and happy. She started cooing and smiling like she usually does when we get in bed. I nursed her and she went right to sleep. Unfortunately, by that time it was 3:30 and our daughter was getting off work at 4 o’clock. I called her at work and told her to stay there until I could come pick her up after the baby woke up. She said she would run to the grocery store in the meantime and would get a ride from a co-worker. I didn’t feel right about it since I don’t really know her co-worker, but there was nothing I could do. Every time I tried to wake the baby, she got upset again.

So I laid in bed and prayed that Our Blessed Mother would watch out for her and for the baby to feel better. A few minutes later she called to tell me that she ran into our next door neighbor at the grocery store and asked her if she could give her a ride home. This was Divine Providence. I felt so much better about that. And the baby, she slept for 3 hours and woke up a very happy little girl.