My 18 year old daughter has been reading "The Hidden Treasure- Holy Mass" by Saint Leonard-Port Maurice during Lent. She came accross this passage which caught her attention and asked me to read it.

Now, tell me whether, when you enter church to hear Mass, you thoroughly well consider that you are going up as it were to Calvary, to be present at the death of the Redeemer. If so, would you go with behavior so unsubdued, with dress so flaunting? If the Magdalene had gone to Calvary, to the foot of the Cross, all dressed out, perfumed, and adorned, as when she associated with her lovers, what would have been said of her? What, then, shall be said of you who go to holy Mass as if you were going to a ball?

It definately helps me to picture myself at Calvary while at Mass. This book is full of gems. I will try to post more from it during Lent.