Robynn made up this Meme and tagged me.

If you HAD to choose one or the other would you choose…

  1. Thai or Mexican- Mexican
  2. bubble bath or back massage – back massage
  3. boots or sandals- sandals
  4. the 90% "pro-life" good chance or the 100% pro-life long shot- 100% pro-life long shot
  5. a cruise ship or a mountain cabin- mountain cabin
  6. Rome or Paris- Rome
  7. Ordinary or Extraordinary- Extraordinary
  8. Rosary or Stations- Rosary
  9. surf or hang glide- surf
  10. Regal Cinemas or Netflix- Netflix
  11. sweet or salty- salty
  12. pen or pencil- pen
  13. how-to book or fantasy novel- how -to book
  14. crossword or sudoku- crossword
  15. lose a leg or lose your sight- lose a leg
  16. North or South- South
  17. a power outage at home or a dead car battery at Cosco- Power outage
  18. classic rock or country- country
  19. wool or linen- linen
  20. lots of good friends or a few great friends- a few great friends
  21. soup or salad- soup
  22. Merlot or Chardonnay- Merlot
  23. Picasso or Da Vinci- Da Vinci
  24. charades or trivial pursuit- charades
  25. Evangelical Protestantism or Orthodox Judaism- Orthodox Judaism
  26. stone age or dark age- stone age
  27. Steven Spielberg or Ken Burns- neither
  28. Thermopylae or Alamo- no idea : )
  29. Big Foot or Loch Ness Monster  Big foot
  30. babies or teenagers- both

I tag Maryan, Dawn, Lisa, Mary, Jessica, and Mary Ellen.