Dear Friends and Family,

            This year has been quite eventful, from children receiving different Sacraments to a new addition to the family.

            Bernie is still working in IT as a contractor. Heโ€™s working on many projects; his job keeps him very busy. He got a precious little kitten this year, which the family named Bernadette, after him J

            Ruth is still homeschooling all of the kids, teaching everything from Kindergarden to High school. She recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Her day starts around 6:30 and usually consists of teaching many subjects, doing many chores, and cooking lots of food ๐Ÿ˜‰

          Dsc00392  Adrianna just turned 18 this past August. She is finishing up her senior year of high school, as well as working part time at a nearby Italian restaurant. She has also been spending a lot of time on her artwork. This year was very special for her, as she became a Confirmation sponsor to one sibling, and the Godmother to another.

          Dsc06730 Marygrace turned 13 in January. She was Confirmed this year, and is working hard on her last year in Junior High. She spent the summer babysitting and pet-sitting for neighbors, and earned enough money to buy her own digital camera!

          Dsc07842  Cecilia turned 11 in March, and is in 6th grade. Sheโ€™s been getting ready for Confirmation by working hard at Religion at home and taking monthly CCD classes at church. She also helped out with the babysitting and pet-sitting this summer.

         Dsc08843  Joseph turned 9 in April, and is working on 4th grade. He has been spending a lot of time reading and making use of his talent for art, seen here and here. Some of the books that he read this year are The Family Under the Bridge, James and the Giant Peach, Oliver Twist and Ben and Me, a very good book about Benjamin Franklin. Right now he is reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

         Dsc00302  Kolbe turned 7 this August. He made his First Holy Communion this year! He is in 2nd grade now, but is doing some 3rd grade work. He, too, has been reading many books, such as Stuart Little, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Alice in Wonderland, and The Borrowers. He finally mastered the back flip on the trampoline this year, against all warnings from his mother ๐Ÿ˜‰

         Dsc08216   Angela turned 5 this past September, and is working hard in Kindergarten. She is learning her letters and sounds, and has been doing a lot of copy work. She helped her older sisters with the Thanksgiving meal, and helps out with chores and cooking on a daily basis. She also loves to help with the new baby.

         Dsc09994  And finally, the newest addition to our family, Maria was born on November 2nd, at 10:55 in the morning. 11 days early; she was only 6 lbs, 1 oz. She was born so quickly that her daddy almost delivered her; the doctor didnโ€™t even make it! The kids love her very much, and are always asking to hold her.

            Take care, and God bless you during the Christmas season!