A few days ago I got a booklet from our priest called, "THOSE WHO SERVE GOD SHOULD NOT FOLLOW THE FASHIONS", by Robert Hart. I had never heard these words from Our Lady of Fatima before. The booklet is filled with quotes from Pope Pius XII, Padre Pio, Alice Von Hildebrand and others. You can also purchase this and other modesty/ purity resources from the publisher, Little Flowers Family Apostolate. I read some of it to our 3 oldest girls and our 13 year old liked this passage so much that she typed it up on a word document to give to some of her friends. The two middle girls are still trying to adjust to only wearing skirts, but reading this has certainly made the issue of modesty easier to understand. I’ve also been taking them to the local thrift store once a week and we’ve been able to find some really lovely skirts for them.

This passage can be found on page seven. The last paragraph is found on page sixteen.

Heaven too, warned us to offer a “firm and courageous resistance to the styles and customs,” for Our Lady of Fatima told blessed Jacinta Marto in 1919:


"Certain fashions are to be introduced which will offend Our Lord very much. Those who serve God should not follow these fashions. The Church has no fashions. Our Lord is always the same."

Unfortunately many modern women do not understand the strong reaction men have to immodest dress. For this reason, even fifty years ago Pope Pius XII was led to say:

How many young girls there are who do not see any wrongdoing in following certain shameless styles like so many sheep. They would certainly blush if they could guess the impression they make and the feelings they evoke in those who see them.”

Dear Catholic ladies, you must clearly understand that while not all men are tempted in the same way or to the same extent , in general, bare thighs, mid-riffs, shoulders, and backs; low cut sheer or see-through blouses and shirts; and dresses with long slits are all sources of temptation. Therefore, all these must all be absolutely avoided to avoid serious sin.

Even when the body is adequately covered, be aware that clothes that adhere too closely to the flesh and reveal a women’s form (so common in our time) are just as much a source of temptation. Pants on a woman are of special concern because by their very nature they conform more to the shape of the body than dresses or skirts. Therefore, it is generally more difficult for a woman to preserve modesty in them, especially when she stoops or bends. Tight-fitting jeans – which unfortunately are most popular today – incite impurity in the most blatant manner. They are certainly the source of innumerable mortal sins and have NO place on Christian women.

Here again we note that dresses are far more suitable for a woman than pants. Dresses drape over a woman’s form and veil in mystery and dignity her intimate center where new human life comes forth into this world. And long dresses aid women in safeguarding modesty while bending, stooping, working and going about their daily tasks. Pants on the other hand, by thier nature are designed to fit a woman’s outline, thus, even when they are loose they can become danger when bending, stooping, ect. It is similar to the difference between a mitten and a glove. Which one reveals more about the hand?

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