Our precious baby girl was Baptized last night. She was 4 days old; the youngest of our children to be Baptized. We’re having a Baptism party on Sunday, and I’ll post more pictures then.

Here I am during the Churching of Women. "Churching is the woman’s way of giving thanksgiving to God for the birth of her child, and predisposes her, through the priestly blessing that is a part of the ritual, to receive the graces necessary to raise her child in a manner pleasing to God." From Fish Eaters.

The first picture is before entering the church and the second one is at the Altar.

Cw1  Cw2

Here are the Batism pictures.

Baby2  B2_2

B1  Candle

Blessing_baby_2  Blessing_me

This is our family. Adrianna is the God-mother and a dear friend of the family is the God-father.

Family  Family_2