This afternoon I received a gift from a dear friend, Anne. Thank you, Anne, for such a perfect gift for our family. We will certainly remember you in our prayers.

Today just happens to be Tuesday, when St. Therese gives a shower of roses to those who pray three Hail Marys in her honor every Tuesday.

This gift is a Sacramental Oil from the House of Loreto. The Holy House of Loreto, the first shrine of international renown dedicated to the Blessed Virgin, has been a true Marian center of Christianity for several centuries. This is the stone house in which Jesus, Mary and Joseph lived in Nazareth.

According to tradition, in 1291, when the Crusaders were finally expelled from Palestine, Our Lady’s stone house was transported "by angels" first to Illyria (in Croatia), then to the territory of Loreto on December 10, 1294, where it remains to this day.

Oil is blessed at the Shrine and burns in the lamps before the altar in the Holy House. At certain times, this blessed oil is drained from the lamps and poured into small containers for distribution to pilgrims.