This is what our dear priest Father C. said about this picture I e-mailed him of our little guy last night.

The boys had their first Traditional Mass altar boy training yesterday morning. He absolutely loved it! He talked about it all day long. Last night, as I was saying my evening prayers, he came down and wanted to talk about it again. I wasn’t quite done yet, so I told him to wait a little bit. He saw the

Latin English Booklet Missal Traditonal_mass_booklet_2

sitting on our altar and sat down and read it until I was done. Afterwards, He was able to tell me a lot of what he learned that morning. I asked him what he tought of it and he said very excitedly, "It was awesome!!!!" He asked me if every Mass would now be the Traditional Mass. He was dissapointed when I told him we had to wait a little longer. We are so blessed to be able to attend the extraordinary form of the Mass soon. Praise God!