Corporal- A square white linen cloth, upon which the Sacred Host and chalice are placed during the celebration of Mass.

Pall- This is a square pocket-shaped piece of linen with a cardboard inserted in order to stiffen it. It is placed over the chalice to prevent dust or other matter falling into it.

Purificator- This is a linen cloth used for wiping the chalice, and the fingers and mouth of the celebrant after Communion. It is spread over the cup of the chalice at the beginning and end of Mass.

Finger towels- used at the "Lavabo" and after administering Holy Communion, may be made of any kind of material, preferably of linen.

Chalice- This is a cup made of gold or silver, or if of silver, the interior must be of gold. It holds the wine for the Holy Sacrifice, and is a striking figure of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It comes from the Latin word calix, which means "cup".

Paten- A golden plate which holds the bread that becomes the Body of Jesus. The name means "dish".

Ciborium- An altar-vessel in which the consecrated particles for the Communion of the laity are kept.

Burse- The envelope in which the Corporal is placed.

Chalice Veil- This is the cloth which covers the chalice until the Offertory, and again after the Communion. It also is made of the same material and color as the vestments.

Cruets- A small vessel used to hold the wine and water at Mass.

Finger bowl- The priest uses this to wash his hands.

Thurible- Used for burning incense.

Incense boat- Holds the grains of incense that are burned in the thurible.