We once thought that the Gladiolus were going to be this season’s garden highlight, but ever since our Hibiscus shrub started to bloom last week, we aren’t so sure anymore : )

Each flower is as big as a small coffee saucer plate and there are so many unopened buds left to go! The flowers are so top heavy that the stalks need to be staked and tied so that a strong wind will not knock them over.

We thought this plant had not survived winter, but then we saw small green sprouts coming up in the Spring. It has since grown to over 7 feet tall and the first blooms opened up so high that they were over my head. This Hibiscus should continue to bloom well into August.

The next highlight to emerge soon will be the Crape Myrtle, which can be seen in the lower right hand corner of this picture. If it is anything like last year, then it should be quite a show as well.

God bless flowering shrubs and trees! They bring so much life, color and character to any yard and the birds love them too.