I didn’t realize how many purple flowers we had in our flower beds, until I started taking pictures for this wonderful "Loveliness Fair" being hosted by Jennifer at As Cozy As Spring.

Here are 2 Columbine plants I purchased on clearance last year for .75 each. They have gotten so big already. They are at least 2 feet tall right now.


I love Verbenas. They spread very well throughout the ditches in the front yard.


This purple Creeping Flox did very well through the winter, even blooming later in the season.


I got these Pansies for my birthday last year, and so far they are doing very well.


Here are two different Delphinium plants I just bought to give the "Rock Garden" height.



We have a quite a few flower beds in our yard, because we’ve had a hard time growing grass where we live. Most of our front yard is taken up by flower beds and a few flowering trees we purchased last Spring.

This is how our "Rock Garden" looks this year. We have lots of herbs, strawberry plants and perennials scttered throughout. (You can see the Hummingbird garden in the background.)


Here is our "Hummingbird Garden." This picture was actually taken last Summer, but I just had to add it in, since it’s such a stunning little tree. The tree and the Hummingbird plants should bloom sometime in the Summer.


This is the ditch in front of our house. My husband planted all those Hollies going all the way to the side of the house. We have Creeping Flox and Verbenas all throughout, hoping they will spread all over. It’s better than the tiny little rocks we had when we moved in.


Here is a small strawberry patch we have in the Blessed Mother’s garden. You can see some strawberries already growing on the bottom right.


And here is our "Mary Garden." My husband made this flower bed out of Belgian Blocks as a Mother’s day present for me last year. The rose bush next to the Blessed Mother has about 6 roses per stem. I can’t even begin to count how many stems there are it. This year we planted a Pope John Paul II Hybrid Tea Rose and an Our Lady of Guadalupeā„¢ Floribunda Rose. I think our Blessed Mother’s garden is now complete. HT Elizabeth

Bm_garden  Bm_garden_closer