I am so exited! Jenn and Lisa tagged me for this Meme, so here it is.

When was the last time I …

1. kissed someone? A little bit ago, when I was taking a nap with my 4 year old.

2. drank coffee? A year ago. I gave it up for a special intention.

3. read a book? Last week to the kids, "Mr. Popper’s Penguins"

4. cursed? Last Friday I said the D word, sort of as a joke : (

5. had a nightmare? I can’t remember.

6. checked your email? About 4 hours ago.

7. had a crush? As soon as I met my husband.

8. drove a car? Yesterday morning, for Mass. Everyone who knows me, knows I do not like to leave my house, unless it’s for Mass or the grocery store. : )

9. rode a roller coaster? I don’t do rollercoasters. Ever.

10. took a nap? About an hour ago.

11. went to the movies? Sometime last Summer, with the kids. I can’t remember what we saw, but it was something rated G.

12. drank alcohol? About 12 weeks ago. I’m 11 weeks right now.

13. went to a party? How about a thank you luncheon for our outgoing DRE on Sunday?

14. said “I love you"? 2 hours ago on the phone, to my husband.

15. cooked a meal? With morning sickness, My husband and the girls have been cooking here lately. I did make spaghetti last week.

16. exercised? Does housework count?

I tag Kim, Mary M and Mary.