My husband and I always look forward to Spring, because it means going to the Garden Center every Saturday morning after Mass to buy a plant for our ever growing flower beds.

We live in an area where it’s a miracle if you can grow grass, so what we have done is make as many flower beds as possible where the grass refuses to grow. We’ve only lived here for a year and-a-half, and so far we have four flower beds. They all have different themes.

Here is our Hummingbird Garden. This was taken last Summer, before the Humingbird flowers bloomed.


Here is our "Mary Garden." We recently added a statue of Our Lady of Grace, the Pope John Paul II Hybrid Tea Rose and the Our Lady of Guadalupe™ Floribunda Rose . I can’t wait to see them in full bloom.


Here is our Rock Garden:


And here is how it looked like before we added the Rock Garden:


By the way, that beautiful grass you see there, it died last Summer. We just planted some more this past Fall, but it doesn’t look like that yet : )