There is a devotion to St. Therese I read about a few years ago, in which you pray three Hail Marys every Tuesday in her honor, and she will grant a special surprise. Our family has been praying three Hail Marys on Tuesdays for many years, and St. Therese has given us many wonderful surprises. These include, my husband surprising us by coming home early, some financial help in the mail, a visit from a dear friend, and the list goes on and on.

Today, I got another wonderful surprise. I had been worried about our unborn baby since Sunday, and I was praying to have peace without asking for a sign. I’m a big "sign" person. I can relate to St. Thomas very much. I told the Lord I would trust Him, and would not ask for a sign, but to let the baby be o.k. Well, this afternoon I was feeling down, and then the kids saw a package at the front door. I’ll write about that in a bit.

A few months ago I made a novena to St. Therese for a new baby, and about three weeks later I received a rose as I went to pay for some work done on our van. I was speechless as the lady handed me the rose. I had asked St. Therese for a rose as a sign she heard my prayer. We conceived this baby three weeks later.

I continued to pray the same novena, but this time for our baby’s health and safe delivery. This is where the surprise comes in. When the kids brought in the package, it was the roses I had ordered on April 3rd. I hope this is a gift form St. Therese to give me peace about the baby and that our precious little one is safe and healthy. Please continue to pray for our baby.

Here are the roses I ordered, which I found from a post by Elizabeth Foss. Boy! She has the best resources.

Pope John Paul II Hybrid Tea Rose


Our Lady of Guadalupe™ Floribunda Rose


I hope to watch these roses grow, and pray our baby grows strong and healthy. Praise God!!!