On this wonderful Feast of St. Joseph, our family will be celebrating this greatest of saints. Here is what we have planned for today:

  • 7 a.m. Mass
  • Family Rosary
  • Litany of St. Joseph
  • Talk about today’s Feast day
  • Make Cream Puffs
  • Make Minestroni Soup with sliced Italian sausage
  • Interview Dad about his childhood
      • Where was your favorite hiding place?
      • Did you have a tree fort?
      • What games did you like to play? (Top three)
      • Tell me what you remember about your early years in school.
      • Tell me about a school concert you were in
      • When you were a kid, what was your favorite candy? dessert?
      • Who were your best buddies in elementary school?
      • Did you have T.V. when you were a kid?
      • Who was your favorite hockey team, baseball team?
      • Did you have to take piano lessons? violin? guitar? Were you any good?
      • Can you tell me a story of when you were naughty and go into trouble?
      • What was your least favorite chore?
      • Did you get an allowance?
      • Tell me about your Dad.
  • Have the kids color these St. Joseph coloring pages