Here is an idea I came up with, to help our family perform small penances and acts of love for Jesus. I compiled a list of small sacrifices and acts of love and wrote them on small pieces of purple foam. I then attached them with velcro to the large felt cross. We’ve already added some for you to see. This is what it looks like.


Some of these aren’t suitable for younger children. There are supposed to be 40 squares on the cross, but I made the cross too small. I’ll have to make it bigger next year.I couldn’t think of 40 penances/acts of love, so I made two of each. Here is a list of the things we will be working on during Lent:

  • Be extra patient today
  • Be helpful throughout the day
  • Don’t watch TV today
  • Praise someone who makes you angry
  • Do an extra chore without bieng asked
  • Don’t listen to the radio today
  • Say little prayers throughout the day
  • Don’t tattle all day today
  • Say an extra Rosary
  • Don’t have any sweets
  • Drink only water today
  • Don’t complain today
  • Do your chores joyfully
  • Pray for those who have injured you
  • Speak in a soft voice
  • Control your temper
  • Be kind to those who anger you
  • Get up earlier today and read the Bible
  • Help a younger sibbling with their chores
  • Read about your patron saint