St. Agatha died in defense of her purity, in Catania, Sicily, where she was born. After Quintanus, the governor of Sicily, tried in vain to force her to consent to sin, she was imprisioned for a month with an evil woman. He then turn from sensuality to cruelty and had her breats cut off; but that night Agatha was healed by St. Peter. She was then rolled over sharp stones and burning coals, and finally taken to prison where she died while praying. Her name appears in the Roman Canon.

Things to Do:

Morning prayers


Family Rosary

Lesson plans:

Latin- Prima Latina

  • Everyone


  • Calculadder- Everyone
  • Saxon 2- Jajo and Kolbe
  • Saxon 54- Ceci
  • Saxon 1/2 – Marygrace
  • Saxon 1- Adrianna

History- Ancient Egypt

  • Marygrace- read and narrate
  • Make Rosetta Stone out of Plaster of Paris- everyone

History- D’aulaire’s Ben Franklin

  • Mom reads
  • Ceci, Jajo and Kolbe narrate

Engish 10 from Seton

  • Adrianna

Spelling and Handwriting from CHC

  • Marygrace
  • Ceci
  • Kolbe
  • Jajo

Religion- Baltimore Catechism

  • Marygrace
  • Ceci
  • Jajo

Religion- First Holy Communion prep.

  • Kolbe- FHC notebook, Study of the Mass, St. Joseph Catechism

Language Arts- Voyages in English from Seton

  • Marygrace

Language Arts- Primary, Intermediate Language Lessons

  • Ceci
  • Jajo- 100 Easy Lessons
  • Kolbe- 100 Easy Lessons