Things to Do:
  • Copy Prayer to St. John Bosco
  • Read about St. John Bosco’s life
  • Make Stuffed peppers for dinner.

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Prayer to St. John Bosco

O glorious Saint John Bosco, who in order to lead 
young people to the feet of the divine Master and 
to mould them in the light of faith and Christian 
morality didst heroically sacrifice thyself to the very 
end of thy life and didst set up a proper religious 
Institute destined to endure and to bring to the 
farthest boundaries of the earth thy glorious work, 
obtain also for us from Our Lord a holy love for 
young people who are exposed to so many 
seductions in order that we may generously spend 
ourselves in supporting them against the snares of 
the devil, in keeping them safe from the dangers 
of the world, and in guiding them, pure and holy, 
in the path that leads to God.