A question was posted on the 4Real forum about the color of your walls, and it gave me an idea for a new post. This house was new when we moved in a year ago. It was so much fun to decorate. I wanted to have the feel of a warm and cozy house. Here it goes:

Our Master bedroom was done in a Mediterranian mix. It has a glaze on it, which you put on with a trowel.


The boys’ room was done in "Winter Wheat" from Behr paint.


The girs’ room is very bright. I can’t believe I let them pick these colors. Bright pink on top, an orange stripe in the middle, and lime green on the bottom. It actually turned out very cute.


This is our hallway. We also painted the sitting room the same. It’s a leather look from Ralph Lauren.


This is our Dining Room School Room. The top is a shade lighter than the hall way, and the bottom is a denim blue. I’m actually going to repaint the bottom this Summer the same color as the kitchen.


This is our Sitting Room Rosary Room. It’s right next to the School Room. It’s painted with the "Leather" from Ralph Lauren.


This is our oldest daughter’s room. She loves blue, for the Blessed Mother. These are some pictures she’s done at Art class.

Annasroom  Anna2

This is the kitchen. It’s done in "Antique Red" from Behr paint. You can see the Sun Room on the right. The color is a creamy yellow, also from Behr.

Kitchen_5  Roosters_1