Well, today did not go as planned.

I got up at 6:30 and said my morning prayers, then I woke  the kids up and while they ate cereal, I read my e-mail and posted my plans for today. I think God must have had a good laugh at that one. I came down and had a small bowl of cereal with Adrianna.

After breakfast, I got a very sad phone call. A very dear friend, Ida, passed away last night in her sleep. She had been suffering from cancer for 2 years. She was such a beautiful woman. She loved children so much, she taught CCD for many years, she was the parish bookkeeper, she was in the Legion of Mary, and just 3 months ago finished DeMontfort’s True Devotion. She offered all her sufferings for the conversion of her husband.

After I finished making some phone calls about Ida’s death, we prayed the Rosary. After that, I had the kids do copy work. They copied the prayer for the faithful departed. I thought it would be appropriate for today.

While they were doing copy work, the phone rang once again. This time, the phone call was from a very dear friend I had not spoken to in a very, very long time. I actually can’t remember when that was. We had a wonderful conversation about teens and dating and keeping them pure. It was a very inspiring conversation. Of course, the kids didn’t do much work while I was on the phone.

After the phone call was over, I got the kids back and we did some History read alouds, Joseph did his Math lesson, Adrianna took another Chemistry test, Ceci took the little ones to the basement for an hour and had a "preschool club" with them.

We had a quick lunch and got back to school, but not much got done, because Baby Girl fell and I went up and held her for a while. I think her pride was hurt more, poor little thing. After she calmed down, Marygrace and I went downstairs and she wrote her first Seton-graded paragraph on "Why I like to pray the Rosary." But first I had to go over the 5 steps to writng a paragraph, and how to make an outline. That took a very long time. She finished her paragraph and uploaded it to Seton. It look so much longer on paper.

We did pray the Divine Mercy chaplet at 3:45. No tea time today. I went to get the tea bags, and they were all gone. I looked for the box of hot cocoa I bought last week, and that too was gone.

So far, we haven’t done Catechism, but I plan on starting Kolbe’s 1st Communion notebook tonight. Hopefully all the kids can be around when he works on it and refresh their minds. We’re going to work on the first page.

As I was looking in the freezer for something to make for dinner, I came accross some frozen strawberries and peaches, so I made the kids smoothies and they had some rolls to go with it. I guess that can be considered tea time, right?

One thing that is on schedule tonight is dinner. I started dinner at 4:30, so we’ll be having dinner early tonight.

I don’t know if I should post our daily log in the morning to encourage me to stick to the schedule, or post it at night and just write what actually got accomplished. Any advice???

Well, I’m off to boil the pasta and work on Kolbe’s notebook. Good night!