feast of St. Lucy, virgin and martyr, marks the opening of the
Christmas season in Sweden. Her life story can be found in most saints
books, as can the recipe for the traditional cakes. The symbolism is
rich and her life story worthwhile reading.

Sweeden’s Custom

eldest daughter of the household, wearing a white dress with a sash of
crimson and a crown of branches set with lighted candles, wakes all the
members of the household and serves them special cake and coffee. While
it may not be practical to light a crown of candles, the family can
enjoy this custom of a special treat prepared by the eldest daughter of
the family (with help from mother, if necessary). As a substitute for
the flaming crown, the coffee cake can be prepared in the shape of a
crown and set with candles.


Prayer to Saint Lucy

us, O God, our salvation, that, as we rejoice in keeping the festival
of Blessed Lucy, thy virgin and martyr, so we may profit by the tender
devotion we gain through her example. Through our Lord. Amen.