K-Our six year old, who cannot get enough of school.
J-Our eight year old who daydreams about drawing all day and wants nothing to do with school.

Since 6ds loves to do everyone else’s schoolwork, I decided to include him in 8ds lesson.

Me: "Boys, it’s time for Bible History."
K: "What’s Bible History?"
Me: "I read you a story from the Bible, and I ask you questions about it."
K: "Oh, fun!!!!! I love questions. Is this a quiz?"
Me: "Yes, K. This is a quiz."

He started clapping and got the biggest smile on his face. After I finished reading to them about Noah’s Arc, it was time to answer the questions.

Me: "Who was Noah?"
J: "A sailor?"
Me: "No" Well, I guess he technically was a sailor : )
J: "A Catholic?"
Me: "Well, I guess so."

After his answers, I just sat back and smiled, took a deep breath and read the story over again. These boys always make me laugh.