1. Ignatius Bible.   

2. 5 Love Languages of Children. This book shows different ways children feel  loved.

3. Please Don’t Drink the Holy Water. I learned how to have a sense of humor during chaos.

4. For Women Only. You learn to understand your husband’s inner thoughts. Very insightful. 

5. Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child A wonderful guide to childhood illnesses using natural means. 

6. The Catechism of the Catholic Church.

7. My Pieta. Some of the most beautiful prayers I’ve ever read.

8. Real Learning The next book on my reading list.

9. Sibling Without Rivalry. We have lots of that in our house. I guess it’s time to start reading it again.

10. Keep The Lights Burning, Abbie. It’s taught my 10 year old daughter that History and narration can be fun!         


       11. A Mother’sRule of Life. I learned to focus on now and stop worrying about later.

12. Dressing With Dignity. I got rid of all my pants and bought some skirts from Good Will.